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It was suggested we eventually pimp to shipping comms, so if anyone might be tempted into making ship-specific banners, let me know. :)

Suggestion Box
If you have any suggestions on how this community can be improved, new ideas you want to see incorporated, assistance you want to provide (e.g. graphics :D) or questions on how this place runs, please feel free to leave your comments here or to PM spn_commentfic.

Writer's Room
For writers and readers alike. Offer suggestions and encouragement, plan with your co-writers, entice others to pick up your threads or make new ones -- any and all commentfic discussion goes here.

#1 Tigging Post

1. Each thread is a different commentfic tag stream. Anyone can start or continue a thread/commentfic of any length (from a sentence to multiple posts) at any time. These threads might branch off and develop subthreads, which will continue becoming their own story.

2. Threads should be titled with the primary pairing/character and 1-3 word prompts.

3. Any noncommentfic comments must go to the discussion post. Writers are allowed to include 1-2 sentences at the end of their tig to communicate with each other on their collaboration.

4. Tigs should be anonymous, but you have the option to reveal yourself to your co-writer(s) or claim your commentfic once it's completed (or abandoned).

5. Supernatural, RPS, X-overs, slash, gen, het and kink (please warn for kink in the subject line of the comment it's in and note the same for secondary pairings you introduce) -- everything is welcome here.

6. Once a commentfic thread has gotten going with at least two writers, it's encouraged that you open a similarly titled thread here. When I get a chance, I'll update this post with those thread links for newcomers to check out and find the best way to jump in an ongoing story. Of course, a commentfic thread can also be a complete free-for-all, it's all up to you.

Let's see how this goes. Have fun!

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